Chairperson, FMS


Mrs. Shahima Rehman is the Chairperson of Fatima Memorial System, and Chairperson, Board of Directors, Nur Foundation. She has served as a Board member at several funds, government task forces, and councils. Currently, she serves as a member of the Punjab Vocational and Training Council. Under her leadership, the Fatima Memorial Hospital has grown into the Nur- Fatima Memorial System. She holds a Masters’s degree in Public Administration from Punjab University, and a Global Master of Arts Degree from the Fletcher School, Tufts University, USA.


Senior Technical Advisor, NCRP and NSLP


Maha Rehman is a development professional with over 20 years of diverse, cross-sectoral experience in the non-profit sector as well as the corporate sector with her expertise in Monitoring & Evaluation, Research, Strategy and Organizational Development. Maha holds Board positions at Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore, NUR Foundation, NUR International University and, Karachi, Pakistan. Maha is the co-founder, Senior Technical Advisor, Strategy, M&E expert at NUR Center for Research and Policy (NCRP), an entity of NUR Foundation and the technical research arm of Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. She is also serving as Senior Technical Advisor to the Vice Chancellor's Office at NUR International University (NIU). NIU is accredited by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and chartered by the Government of Punjab. Her areas of expertise are Health, Education, Integrated Community Development and women’s empowerment.

Program Director, NCRP and NSLP


Dr. Seema is working as a Professor/HOD in the Department of Community Health Sciences in Fatima Memorial College of Medicine and Dentistry. She has 19 years of experience in Public Health and has been the Provisional Master Trainer for various programs of Punjab Health Department e.g. Health Management Information System, National Program for Family Planning and Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood illness. She has conducted international research projects with WHO and RAF besides local research projects. She has 16 national & international publications to her credit. She is currently working in NCRP and NSLP as Program Director

Manager, NSLP and Program Manager, NCRP


Saman Tariq is a Communication Specialist with diverse experience in developing integrated communication strategies incorporating advocacy, media management, content creation ,managing social media presence and public relations. Key areas of her work include Public Health, Life Skills Based Education, Gender Equality, Youth Leadership and Community Mobilization through Development Support Communication. She has also facilitated various workshops on communication, public speaking and personal branding. She is associated with Nur Foundation as Program Manager, Nur Center for Research and Policy and Manager, Nur Student Leadership Program.


Program Associate, NSLP


Muhammad Umar Shahbaz joined Nur Student Leadership Program as a Program Associate. Before, joining the Nur Student Leadership Program he was working in HEC recognized Institute. He holds Master degree in Management Science.

Manager Finance, NCRP and NSLP


Mr. Khizer is a seasoned Accounting & Finance personnel having over 10 years of enriching professional experience. He worked with both National & International NGOs in the areas including but not limited to financial planning, budgeting, corporate finance, taxation, and corporate laws. He got a good taste of work collaboratively with different NGOs and donor-funded projects of USAID, UNICEF, World Bank, JICA, KNCU, etc. He manages and oversees projects worth millions and has direct liaisons with project teams from scratch till the completion of the project. Moreover, Mr. Khizer is a university graduate and currently perusing Chartered Accountancy (The final stage is in progress).

Program Analyst, NCRP and NSLP


Maha Younis holds a Masters’ Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition and has expertise in Medical Nutrition Therapy. Focus areas of her work include Monitoring and Evaluation, Interpretation and Visualization of the data. While working for the projects, community engagement has been the driving force to advocate for the needs of vulnerable groups and be the voice of change.

Director Nutritionist Internship NSLP


Shazia Zahra has twenty-one years of experience in the field of Nutritional Sciences. She has actively developed this area through promoting excellence in Health and Nutrition since 2001. Currently, she is working as the Director Nutritionist at Fatima Memorial System. Further, she is working as HOD/Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Nutrition at NIU and Nutrition Coordinator in Department of Nutritional Sciences at FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences. She is also serving at Nur Student Leadership Program as the Head of Nutritional Internship.


Clinical Nutritionist DDNS and MS FND


Mahum Pervez is a Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian who completed her bachelor’s from The University of Lahore and Master’s from Nur International University. She has 3 years of professional experience. Mahum is currently working as Clinical Nutritionist and Internship Coordinator at Fatima Memorial Hospital. She has joined the Lifestyle Lounge project of the School of Nutrition. She has also worked at Children Hospital as Keto specialist nutritionist in the Epilepsy She has also joined Alkhidmat Foundation of Women Wing as Clinical Nutritionist and established their GYM settings. Her expertise at Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Diseases, Liver diseases, Neurological Diseases, Blood Pressure, GI Disorders, Weight Management, High cholesterol, Cancer, Food Allergies. She is currently associated with NSLP as internship coordinator.