Everything you need to know about NLSP.


Is the application form only available online?

Application forms are available online and at NSLP office.

What if I am applying from some other country or city, than is my presence mandatory for application submission?

No. Application can be submitted online.

Can I send the completed application form through email/post?

No. As per our quality assurance policy, applicant have to submit their application form online or in person and later come for the interview which allows us to assess the applicant’s behavior and aptitude for the internship.

Do you adhere strictly to the Eligibility Criteria for Intern Recruitment?

Yes. We do not compromise on the quality of Interns recruited each year.

I am an A Level Student, and I have two options to choose from '2 weeks and 3 weeks'? Which one is better?

Both of our internship modules cover the same learning objectives but the time allocated for each learning objective is extended for our 3 weeks interns. This provides them more time to explore the new themes and units covered in the Internship.

I am an O/A Level Student but want to do internship in a specific department. Am I allowed?

No but in few exceptional cases, if the student is selected by the Departmental Interview Panel, we may grant permission for this service.

I have lost my Internship Certificate. Can it be reissued?

As soon as your certificate is lost, please contact NSLP Office immediately. Certificates are reissued as per our Certification Policy.

I want my certificates to be attested. Is this facility available?

Yes. Nur Foundation does provide the facility of Internship Certificate Attestation and also responds to queries related to our Interns by Universities and Organizations.

Do we pay extra for any Training?

No. Training Charges are included in the Registration Fee.

What should I do if I have to take a leave from the internship program?

All internees are required to submit a formal leave application to the administration beforehand for it to be approved.

What if I have to take a leave in between the internship program, is that possible?

It depends on the circumstances the leave application is submitted under.