Pakistan is currently experiencing heavy rainfall resulting in a calamity of catastrophic proportions. Children have lost their parents, entire houses have collapsed and crops have been completely destroyed in the devastating floods In the hardest hit areas of Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, many do not have access to clean water and electricity. Entire families and their livelihoods have been completely disrupted.

Sab Saath has launched a Flood Relief and Rehabilitation mission in partnership with Nur Foundation and Fatima Memorial System to support the flood-hit districts of Ranjanpur and all its surrounding areas.

Your generosity is the last hope for those affected to survive and for communities to timely manage these catastrophes.

The nation always responds in times of need, we hope , Insha’Allah, as always , you will step forward to support fellow Pakistanis in these harrowing times.