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Total E-Publications 45
E-publications are available at ISSUU Link: https://issuu.com/ncrp

Print Publications

Sr No Project Name Publications
1 Strengthening Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU) for coordinated public-private health initiatives in Punjab. Discussion paper on “Health Policy Imperatives in Pakistan”

Project Brief” Strengthening the Policy and Strategic Planning Unit(PSPU) for Coordinated Public

– Private Health Initiatives in Punjab”

Project Brief” Review of International Best Practices to Inform Punjab Policy and Strategic Planning Unit Strengthening”

2 Evidence Generation and Advocacy for Institutionalization of School Health Program in the Punjab Province for  Ilm Ideas Summary Report “School Children Health and Nutrition in Punjab and barriers to institutionalization of school health program”

Policy Brief “School children health: Need for institutionalization of school health program in Punjab”

3 National Research Study on Nutritional Status of Adolescent Married and Unmarried girls for Research Advocacy Fund Summary Report” A Snapshot of Adolescent Girls’ Nutrition and Related Issues in Pakistan”

CompleteResearchReport”ASnapshotofAdolescentGirls’NutritionandRelatedIssues in Pakistan”

Policy Brief “A Snapshot of Adolescent Girls ‘Nutrition and Related Issues in Pakistan”


NCRP has collaborated with the following government departments:

  2. Health Department Govt. of Punjab, Sindh, KP, Baluchistan
  3. PACP
  4. NACP
  5. School Education Department
  6. Population Welfare Department, Punjab (PWD)

The following Govt. departments has funded NCRP one project each:

  1. Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Punjab
  2. PEF