Project Title: Strengthening Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU) for coordinated Public-Private Health Initiatives in Punjab.

Client: USAID Small Grants and Ambassadors Fund Program

“Through this project NCRP worked on promoting coordinated engagement amongst Government partners, donors, NGOs, health professionals and other stakeholders to improve the health services delivery in Punjab Province.”

“I deeply appreciate the unwavering commitment of the management and staff of NCRP for seamless execution of the project in line with approved scope of work and implementation schedule.”

Project Title: Evidence Generation and Advocacy for Institutionalization of School Health Program in Punjab Province

Client: ILM Ideas, UKAID & DAI

 “We are excited that this innovative research and advocacy project was able to make a mark within the provincial policy landscape and appreciate the efforts of the project team at NCRP for effectively lobbying for the inclusion of “School Health Program” in the provincial Nutrition Policy.

It has been a pleasure working with NCRP Team.”

Project Title: Enhancing Reproductive Health Services Use by Married Adolescent Girls and Young Women – Role of Community Women Volunteers

                             Client: USAID

“As part of the project deliverables, the PEER team produced and shared a series of one-of-the-kind impactful documentary video interviews with the participants. These videos, along with the final executive summary report that the PEER team produced are outstanding and have been serving as an example of excellence and impactful delivery to our other PEER program project teams who are finalizing their reports with the goal of conveying project impact and lessons learned.”

Lina Stankute-Alexander
Program Officer, PEER Program
Policy and Global Affairs
National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Washington, DC., USA

Project Title: Effectiveness of Teachers and Health Care Providers in Improving Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Adolescents

                             Client: AmplifyChange

“Through this project, Nur Foundation have produced and delivered culturally sensitive and appropriate Life Skills Based Education in both classroom and digital settings. They produce tangible evidence that continues to contribute towards the need for integrated LSBE in the curriculum, and advocate for its continued inclusion with key stakeholders. Their performance has been exemplary throughout the project duration.”

  Rosey Ecob,
Operations Manager

Project Title: Effectiveness of Teachers and Health Care Providers in Improving Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Adolescents

                             Client: AmplifyChange

“Nur Foundation have worked tirelessly during the life of this project, to ensure that young people not only have access to, but also play a part in creating appropriate LSBE content, that is grounded in evidence. This project period focused on end lines, dissemination, and the launch of a digital advocacy campaign, all of which are very impressive…They have created tangible evidence from this period, that has been the base of their advocacy campaign, and I am very pleased to see a CSE project with evidence-based messaging at the forefront… Nur Foundation have been consistently conscious and inclusive of youth voices in their work, including learners in all conversations and aspects of project development… An incredibly inspiring and thoughtful project… Nur Foundation are highly reflective, and their learning outputs are outstanding.”

  Hannah Haynes,
Technical Performance Manager

Name: Khizer Gillani
Client USAID Small Grant and Ambassador Fund Program

“I had the pleasure to work with NCRP in partnership with USAID Small Grant and Ambassador Fund Program as Field Operation Officer Punjab Province on the project “Strengthening Policy and Strategic Planning Unit for coordinated public-private health initiatives in Punjab”.  NCRP showed full commitment in implementing the project at its best. I have been impressed with the team’s professional attitude in working as well as their cutting-edge talent, dedication, and passion for health systems strengthening as well as community empowerment projects.’’

Anum Chaudhary

I had the pleasure of working with NCRP as an International Public Health Intern. I was amazed by the remarkable work being carried out by NCRP. The NCRP team not only has the technical and professional capacity to manage projects from start to finish but also has a keen understanding of the regional context they operate in; which allows them to create more value for all key stakeholders involved. It was heartwarming working with such passionate individuals who strongly believe in enhancing social well-being for vulnerable populations in Pakistan. Working with NCRP was a humbling experience for me, it made me profoundly happy to see NCRP take on the complexities and challenges in promoting high quality research in low-resource settings which enable them to inform national level policies.