Nur Center for Research and Policy (NCRP)

Nur Center for research and policy is a policy think tank acting as catalyst and manager of change to evolve policies for social and economic empowerment of communities. It was established to address the need for well-crafted and efficient tools for policymaking, implementation and institutionalization of international best practices in Pakistan. NCRP is endowed by Nur Foundation, an SECP registered, Not-for-Profit company.

NCRP offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Undertaking technical assistance projects
  • Generating evidence for informing policy and reforming practice.
  • Organizing policy forums and undertaking research to build evidence for formulating policy recommendations to the government
  • Organizing strategy dialogues for determining way forward on critical development issues
  • Publishing and disseminating policy briefs
  • Developing innovative country specific models in all sectors of development
  • Curriculum development of innovative social sector certificate programs
  • Contributing to workforce planning, training and production
  • Reorienting strategies in the wake of devolution

 NCRP Service Offerings


Exploratory research across health, education, and women’s empowerment at international, national and regional levels

Advocacy & Policy

Evidence-based policy development and innovative interventions through forums that promote critical thinking


Skills & capacity enhancement in health, education & social sectors via a consortium of training partners

Technical Advisory

Developing workable and scalable policy solutions for local and international partners 


The Center aims to develop human resource capacity and generate research, which will contribute to human development at the national, regional and international level for enhancing social well-being through informed policy and reformed practice.  NCRP has partnered with many organizations locally and internationally in the health, education and social sector, offering services through a consortium of trainers and consultants, who pool their strengths to offer capacity enhancement, research, project management and consulting. The Center currently has access to a full-time faculty of more than 200 professionals who are technical/subject specialists with diverse backgrounds, a program management staff to implement its projects and the state of the art, purpose built infrastructure and facilities. NCRP further facilitates evidence based policy development and provides a forum that promotes critical thinking, freedom   of   ideas   and   an independent quest for fact-finding. It has emerged as a think tank working as catalyst and manager of change to bring about social and economic empowerment of underserved communities and enhancing the social well­ being through informed policy and reformed      practice.  The Center undertakes grounded research to generate evidence that helps the policy makers in finding innovative solutions to the challenges being faced by the policy makers, which reinvigorate the traditional paradigm of education and practice by establishing a blend of global best practices that are blended in the local context. NCRP promotes linkages and collaborations to encourage knowledge sharing and optimal utilization of existing resources.