What is NUR Foundation?

The NUR Foundation is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, incorporated under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 (XLVII of 1984) vide license no. CLD/RD-Co.42/72/2005-224 (3rd February 2006) issued by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad having Company Registration No. 00000016120/20060302 (31st March 2006)

What is NUR Center for Research and Policy?

Nur Center for Research & Policy (NCRP) was established under the umbrella of Nur Foundation to cater to the national need of a science-based organization that provides leadership and expertise to strengthen efforts for achieving substantive, long-term improvements in the public health.

What does NUR Center for Research and Policy do?

 It is a board-governed institution committed to meeting the continuing educational needs of the healthcare professionals and meets the challenges for improving public health through evidence based decision making generated through research, training and policy consulting services.

How can you be engaged with NCRP?

Nur Center for Research and Policy invites scholars, educational institutions, students, industry, government, non-governmental organizations and private sector to engage in research, capacity building, advocacy and policy advice. NCRP seeks to build lasting relationships with individuals and organizations that are committed to social change. The Center provides avenues to tap into the unique knowledge and research resources through access to highly skilled academic researchers and technical staff in order to develop productive collaborative relationships. A wide range of partnering options are available, all of which can be tailored to suit you or your organisation.

1.Internships: For those young people searching for opportunities to bring social impact, transform lives and establish lasting connections as well as gain experience in community based research, interning with NCRP is a great way to gain hands on experience in the field. Internships are open to students enrolled in undergraduate/graduate programs in re-knowned universities within Pakistan as well as abroad. We offer internships all year around for the period of minimum 3 weeks to maximum 2 months. We encourage fresh graduates with background in social sciences, economics, medicine, biological sciences, allied health sciences, environmental sciences, statistics, finance, public policy and public administration.

2.Non-Governmental Organizations and other Donors: NCRP is always on the look out to collaborate with NGOs and potential donors with shared vision and goals to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure complementing of resources to achieve greater impact for underserved communities. Partnership agreement can be in the following categories:

i. Implementing Partner: Support the design and implementation of programs and operations. Implementing Partner: Support the design and implementation of programs and operations

ii. Resource partners: provide human, technical and financial resources during project development, implementation and evaluation

iii. Knowledge Partners: Share and exchange ideas and contribute information, evaluation and analysis

iv. Advocacy Partners: Support advocacy efforts through events and multi-stakeholder agreement

3.Public Sector: Support from public sector is fundamental to influence a social transformation. Public Sector can partner with NCRP in the following ways:

• Provision to access to quality resources and information controlled by public sector

• Conducting third party monitoring and evaluations of currently run public programs

• Providing access to  forums where NCRP can generate evidence through research to influence policy making

• Provision of sustainable investment for scaling up ideas and infrastructure in priority areas

• Facility assessments

• Human Resource Profiling for Health

• Training and curriculum development

4.Private Sector: Through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and provision of internships to low income students trained by NCRP OR in market research4. Private Sector: Through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and provision of internships to low income students trained by NCRP OR in market research

5.Fellowships: As a fellow, you can focus on your individual project while benefiting from a dynamic, multidisciplinary community at NCRP.

6. Medical Students and Students enrolled in Allied Health Sciences: For mentorship and guidance on thesis development. Students can be linked with key faculty members as advisors from this platform.

7. Faculty: NCRP can work with faculty to creatively develop and secure new funding opportunities, increase competitiveness for sponsored research, engage with sponsors and support faculty research leaders in all aspects.

8. Trainee: NCRP offers from its’ platform a wide range of professional development and  soft skills enhancement courses which are technical, vocational and academic in nature. Stay up to date with our advertised list of courses on social media and our website to find appropriate training opportunities and enrol in time!

What are the benefits of getting engaged with NCRP?

By engaging with NCRP you can benefit in the following ways:

1. Cost saving by sharing infrastructure and administrative expenses

2. Strengthen programs and avoid duplication of efforts

3. Expand the value proposition for both organizations

4. More efficient outreach

5. Improve efficiency

6. Tap complementary skills and abilities

7. Increase leadership skills

8. Advance and develop your skills under the Fatima Memorial System by being taught by a highly qualified pool of consultants and faculty

9. Networking opportunities

How to apply?

Potential candidates can complete and submit internship application forms through email on ts@nurfoundation.org . Others’ can send their resumes on the same email with a cover letter or come meet us in person to explore opportunities.