1. Developing and Designing the Training Program for Hospital Managers
  2. Operations Research on Helping Babies Breathe (HBB)and use of Chlorhexidine for cord care
  3. Strengthening Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU) for coordinated public-private health initiatives in Punjab.
  4. Evidence Generation and Advocacy for Institutionalization of School Health Programme in the Punjab Province for ILM Ideas
  5. Family Planning and Reproductive Health facilities’ assessment in Sindh Province
  6. National Research Study on Nutritional Status of Adolescent Married and Unmarried girls for Research Advocacy Fund
  7. Rapid Situation Assessment and Development of Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) material that addresses reinforcement on adherence on Anti-Retroviral          Therapy (ART)
  8. Policy Dialogue on role of First Level Care providers in Family Planning and Reproductive Health
  9. Development of MNCH Knowledge Management Portal
  10. Training of NGO, CBO and CHBC Members on CHBC Guidelines
  11. National Consultation on Understanding the Role of PLHIV Associations
  12. HIV/AIDS Advocacy Seminar
  13. Training of Organizational Development and Management for NGOs in HIV/AIDS Sector
  14. Training of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Community Based Organizations (CBO) and CHBC Members on CHBC Guidelines
  15. Capacity Building of School Teachers in the Rural and Peri Urban Areas of Punjab Education Foundation (PEF)
  16. Capacity Building of Midwifery Tutors (Training of Trainers) of Punjab Teaching in Public Health Nursing Schools
  17. Healthcare Manpower Planning and Management
  18. Strategies to Improve the Health Services in Comoros
  19. Human Resource for Health (HRH) Profiling for Punjab, Pakistan
  20. Assessment of Primary Health Care (PHC) & Secondary Health Care (SHC) in Comoros with a special focus on Primary Health Care and to Submit a Technical            Report and Recommend on the Better Approach to Support the PHC/ SHC System in Comoros
  21. Training Manual for Community and Home-Based Care
  22. Developing National Guidelines for Community and Home-based Care
  23. Development of National Framework and Manual on Care for Children Affected by Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  24. Training Health Care Providers (HCP) on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART)
  25. Undertaking Training of Trainers for Center for Healthful Behaviour Change (CHBC) Staff
  26. Third party evaluation of the National Community Midwifery Program
  27. Preventing Child Violence: Use of Evidence to Strengthen Advocacy
  28. Developing a Business/ Development Plan for a National Public Health Institute in order to develop it into a National University of Public Health Sciences
  29. Developing Pay and Remuneration Structure for a National Public Health Institute