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    Nur Center for Research and Policy offers technical support in research, trainings and capacity-buildings, advocacy and policy advice, and technical assistance in health and education

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  • Programmes

    Nur Foundation was established in the year 2005, with the aim of contributing to the social economy of Pakistan through:
    1) Human development and economic empowerment of underserved and marginalized communities
    2) Advocacy for provision of research-based evidence for social policies, strategies and practices development and implementation.
    Nur Foundation has an elaborate institutional arrangement to achieve its objectives.

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  • Publications

    Nur Center for Research and Policy is dedicated to providing resources, expertise, and a collaborative environment for scientific research and publication. Through the generous support of organizations and collaboration with external partners, NCRP continues its mission to further knowledge to bridge the evidence gap. A complete list of NCRP reports and publications is available here.

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Nur Center For Research & Policy

To develop NCRP into an internationally recognized research organization that provides evidence for social sector policies and strategies development and implementation, thereby enhancing human development and wellbeing.

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  • Events

      • NGO Consultative Meetings | August 2016
      • Annual Research Day | 7th April 2016
      • Donor and Development Partner Dialogue | January 2016
      • Launch – NCRP USAID SGAFP project | December 2015
      • National Public Health Conference | August 2015
  • Field Diaries

    During different field activities, researchers get an opportunity to observe up-close and personal. Field diaries encompass such unique and insightful experiences, highlighting the potential of intervention and the scale of impact.